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What we love most about a scrunchie is how it holds a bit of nostalgia in our hearts and a whole lot of hair on our heads. And we've given this classic accessory a modern twist with handmade accents in the dreamiest colors. It's a trend that’s here to stay and an essential to your hair care routine.


Traditional hair ties can sometimes create a harsh hold to keep your precious locks in place. But fabric scrunchies are delicate against your hair and even on your wrists (where you inevitably end up storing your hair tie throughout the day).


Each scrunchie is lovingly handcrafted in our small workshop. We love to use high-quality workmanship you can trust, to create a quality you can feel.

Regular size: approximately 12cm in diameter 

Easy to wraps approximately 2x around your hair


Please Note : Prints maybe vary slightly from photo to product due to the nature pattern of the fabric.