Our Story

In 2020, Karie embarked on a mission to transform the world of headbands. As a dedicated mother of two kids, she understood the beauty of simplicity amidst life's chaos. However, there was a persistent problem - finding headbands that were both unique and comfortable seemed nearly impossible.

Fuelled by a passion for creative expression and an unwavering determination, Karie birthed KarieMakes. The brand's sole goal was to craft headbands and accessories that not only adorned but also delighted. Comfort became its cornerstone; gone were the days of headaches from tight headbands.

Each KarieMakes headband was a labor of love, handmade with precision and care. Karie meticulously selected materials for softness and breathability, ensuring that wearing a headband would become a source of joy, not discomfort.

Join us in celebrating the art of headband making. Let KarieMakes be your choice for adorning your hair and your life with happiness. Because when you wear a KarieMakes headband, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're embracing a philosophy of comfort and joy.